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I wouldn’t say my childhood was anything near abnormal, but my mom did wear wigs.  Regularly.  Like, to the grocery store and other domestic places.  At the time, I knew most everyone else’s mom didn’t wear wigs, but I was okay with it.  She just liked the change-up and I could see it made her happy.

I guess that’s where I got my festive spirit.  I always and still do LOVE a good party.  I love to make and see people laugh.  Throughout my life, my most fun times were dressing up in costume and becoming a different person.  So being already comfortable with wigs, they became a natural part of my get-up.  In adulthood, I began sharing my love of wigs with friends.  I would pack them with me when headed to friend's birthdays, nights out on the town and for casual dinners with friends. 

The wigs became a crowd favorite and people started to refer to me as the “Wig Lady.”  Friends asked me to bring wigs to events and inquired how and where to buy wigs of their own.  Then a dear friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer and asked me to throw her a “wig party.”  Here she was facing the toughest challenge imaginable, and she was thinking about throwing a wig party to lighten the emotional load.

It made me realize that wigs can bring simple, clean fun and escape to all kinds of situations.  However, I’d learned over the years that the process of identifying and purchasing decent quality party wigs was NOT simple.  So with the help of two devoted wig wearing friends, Kim and Carolyn, we developed WigPartyBox -- the only online destination for high quality, colorful wig collections, party-ready and prepped to ship to you in one box, one delivery.

Here we are, making fun simple.  One click away from a really good time we like to say!  WigPartyBox's goal is to add a little more zip to anyone’s life through the addition of wigs.   So break the ice at your next corporate event or office brainstorming session.  Get on the JumboTron at your favorite sporting event.  Knock the socks off the crowd at the Vegas bachelorette party.  Make that 50-year-old feel 20 again!  Or remind a friend that she’s not alone in her fight.  Whatever it is, bring the wigs and make it more fun. 

And be sure to share photos of all that fun with us on Instagram @wigpartybox, because we just can’t get enough! 

Party on,

Juli and Kim