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Our Story

Since I was a child, my mother wore wigs for fashion purposes and let's just say I wasn't her biggest fan. As time passed, I realized how much fun a wig could be. It could change someone's entire personality by putting it on.

I spent years bringing wigs on trips — 30th birthday parties, bachelorette parties, dinner parties and maybe just random Friday nights at home. Even my friends caught on and starting throwing "wig parties"…

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Words from Wig Wearers

There is nothing quite like letting your hair down and enjoying time with friends! Its even more fun when that hair is a crazy fun color! WPB has provided me great times wearing wigs to football games, birthdays, dance parties… you name it! I love that you can create a unique personality with a fun wig and laugh the night away. Lasting memories and party wigs go hand-in-hand. Or should I say strand-in-strand!

A dear friend brought WigPartyBox wigs to my 50th birthday party. Not only were they a hilarious and unexpected surprise, but they totally dialed up the fun! Everybody, including the men tried them on, and we have hysterical photos that will forever remind me of that super fun and special night.

We recently went to a dinner party and a friend of my wife's pulled out her WPB wigs. My wife put on a blue bob that completely changed her persona; it was incredibly hot on her! Needless to say, we took the blue wig home that night…

Got a 'Rose All Day' WigPartyBox for my friend's bachelorette party and, WOW, did we have fun!Each girl got a luscious pink wig and channeled her alter-ego...The bribe-to-be said it was one of the most fantastic nights of her life! Thanks, WPB!

How to Wear a Wig